Because our products are individually handcrafted, we do not offer refunds or online store credit for our available items. We do not assume responsibility for damage to packaging once our items are placed in the hands of a third party carrier.

However, should your order arrive with a damaged or missing item, please contact our customer service support with a message regarding your issue and be sure to include a picture of your receipt— as well as the damaged item (if applicable). If your request is found to be valid by our support staff, we would be more than happy to send you a brand new replacement item.

Replacement requests should be made within 30 days of receiving a damaged item or an incomplete order, and please expect an additional wait of 1-2 weeks to receive your replacement item after your request is made.

*NOTE ON APPAREL: If your return request is in regards to our custom tees (specifically, if you need a replacement size), please include a photo of your receipt as well as a photo of the sizing tag on your current item. Once your request is validated by a member of our customer support staff, we’ll send you a replacement shirt. If your requested size is currently out of stock, we will offer you the next available size.